About Us

A deep-tech start-up making Human-Machine Interaction contactless with a futuristic touchless interactive screen and holographic display. We are making a touchless interactive screen that can convert almost any type of KIOSK or Control panel into touchless. Keeping the method of operation unchanged to make the effortless and ergonomic product. Repairable design to reduce e-waste and provide low-cost extended warranty support to keep the customers connected for a long time. Having a well-experienced team in the field of embedded electronics and B2B marketing. Incubated by IIT Kanpur

Futuristic Technology.

Repairable to reduce e-waste.

Low-cost extended warranty.

Easy to install and upgrade the existing system with no alteration.

Do not require any other device to integrate for operation.

Do not change the operation method.

Do not require practice.

Helps almost everyone in staying worry-free for the new normal.

Hidnonics Ergonomics

Our Incubators

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